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 "My first month I cleared $10,000 in sales, my second month (currently) i'm at $17,500 and projecting to do $20,000 to $25,000 this month....

...Invest in your education and invest in your future. This is the best way to get up to speed."

Joe - One Up FBA Student

"I've invested in 3 different courses this year and this one is by far the most informative and insightful. Mike digs deep into every aspect of the business from beginning to end."

ROB - One Up FBA Student

"I've put together an in-depth, step-by-step training program for you to succeed in Amazon FBA Wholesale. This program is designed to help all levels. Whether you are looking to hit your first $10,000 month, or looking to scale from 6 to 7 figures a year"

Hey! I'm Mike

I'm looking for my next 6 figure students!

If you are currently doing any Retail Arbitrage or  Online Arbitrage with Amazon FBA, man... do I have something awesome to show you. 

Are you tired of scanning, swiping &  scrolling looking for your next winning product to ship to Amazon?

Even with current software the process of online & retail arbitrage can seem daunting and even become a time-sucking burden that you HAVE TO DO to keep your business afloat. 

Trust me, I've been there.

But in the past few years I've transformed my Amazon FBA business from a business that used to drain the life out of me to one that runs almost on complete auto-pilot.


By adding wholesale to my Amazon FBA business.

Adding wholesale to my business has been a complete gamechanger to not only my business but my life as well. 

Years ago, I used to dread going to sleep at night because I knew that I would have to wake up and either go to the store to start scanning products, or sift and sort through the dozens of softwares & tools that I used to own just to find just one product on other sites to ship into Amazon. 

It would take hours every day, and sometimes I wouldn't even find a product that would be worth my time, or the margins would be so small after shipping & the time it took that I started to wonder why I'm even trying anymore. 

But now... 

My Amazon business runs like a well-oiled machine. 

Let me show you

A Few Times A Week We Get Shipments

These shipments are from wholesale companies which you will get deep discounts with, we find these wholesale distributors by using a process I'll teach you. Usually we get some of the same products every single week


We then prep the shipments in different ways depending on our goals for the product. This can be really simple if you are selling the item by singles, or if you want to get really fancy, you can bundle them
(which is a way I teach that can boost your profits on a
 particular item by 20-30%)


Then we ship our newly prepped items to Amazon to be fulfilled by Amazon. We ship by the pallets now, we are no longer just shipping a box or 2.


No longer are you going to be looking for deals every single day...

No longer are we going to "GET LUCKY" and find that perfect item on sale that day

No longer are we going to HOPE we find that one great item this week

Every single week, we get the same products for the same price... Like Clock Work



How many times have you found an awesome product on sale when you were doing OA or RA, where you made really good money with it, just for it to be a one time thing?

Where you're hoping you can find that same product for the same price "like you did last time"

Imagine being able to get the same product, for the same price, week after week, month after month and making the same predictable margins


I'm not saying retail and online arbitrage doesn't have it's place... because we've all made really good money from it when we find that really good opportunity!(heck... best believe if I see a really good retail arbitrage opportunity while I'm at the store, you'll see me filling my truck up to capture those profits) 

But what I am saying is the only real way to scale your Amazon FBA business is to have consistent inventory coming in at a predictable price that you can measure. 

And the best way to do that is with Wholesale. 

Over the past few years as I've been focusing more and more on wholesale, I have learned a lot. 

I've learned what to do....



So what I did was, I started teaching it to others that I knew that were doing Online Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage with me

And truthfully the results have amazed me!



Once I started others getting results like his, I knew I had to put this together in a step-by-step program that allows anyone to get into wholesale, just like I did. 

So I sat down, wrote out a step-by-step plan and got to work.

After hours of planning, recording and editing, I was finally done.

I created (in my opinion) the best, most comprehensive course about how to get into the wholesale industry, something so good, that I wish I had it when I was getting started.

My program takes you A to Z to learning everything about this extremely massive industry. 

And with that I would like to introduce you to... 


The A-Z Wholesale Program

"Learn the step-by-step, A-Z methods to getting started and scaling your own Amazon wholesale business"

Here's just a little of what you'll learn inside this program:

Bi-Weekly Membership Group Calls (Zoom)

Top Secret Methods To Finding Supplier / Distributors

How To Identify and Purchase Top Selling Wholesale Product

Copy & Paste Email Scripts Provided For Landing Your First Supplier

Brand / Category UNGATING Mastermind

Full Tutorial

Comprehensive Inbound Shipping Guide

Supplier Relations + Providing Value To Suppliers

How To Find + Use Amazon Prep Centers

Business Terms - Approach Suppliers Professionally

How To Land Wholesale Accounts

FBM Shipping - Materials Needed

How To Get FREE Shipping Supplies

Video Recordings of Cold Calling Suppliers / Distributors

Bundling Module - Find Profitable Opportunities

LLC / Sales Tax License / Resellers Permits Module

Advanced Keepa Strategy + Guide (Avoid IP Complaints)

How I Find The Most Profitable Products without wasting time

Bundling - How To Find Top Secret Huge ROI Opportunities With Multipacks

Our Team Will Check & Verify If Your Product(s) Are A Winner (Email Support)

Our Team Will Check & Verify If Your Suppliers Are Solid (Email Support)

Access to the One Up FBA - Private Student Facebook Group

Advanced Level Automation & Delegation Tactics For Simple Scaling

Access To All Future Updates To The Course


1. A-Z Step By Step Training

Learn how to crush it on Amazon with my Step by Step Wholesale Training that takes you A-Z on how to search, start and scale your own Amazon FBA Business. Learn the real secrets that I've learned from building a 7 figure Amazon FBA business.

($1497 Value)


Get exclusive access to our mastermind group and become a part of a community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards similar goals. You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback and collaborate with others in order to move your business forward.
 Being a part of our mastermind group will help you gain clarity on your business goals and give you the motivation you need to achieve them. You’ll also have the opportunity to form valuable relationships with other members that could lead to future collaborations.

($497 Value)


You're not left alone when you join OneUp FBA, every other week we do live calls to help answer your questions to move your FBA business forward. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been selling for a while, these calls will give you the information and insight you need to succeed. You'll have the ability to hop on our live group calls every single week and ask questions & share your stories or experiences!

($1497 Value)


The Fast Start Brand List is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get their start in the wholesale world. With over 2700 big brand leads, it's the fastest way to get your new Amazon FBA business up and running and helping you get your first wholesale account fast.

The number one question we always get is where do I find wholesalers, this gives you access to these wholesalers on a silver platter.

($497 Value)




out Suppliers

Learn how to "Vet Out" suppliers and continue to find new companies to work with. 

Purchase Replensishable Products

Analyze available products for profitability. Replenish those products on a regular basis.

Ship Directly to 

NO WAREHOUSE NEEDED. Ship your products directly to an Amazon FBA Warehouse via the supplier or a prep center in the same state.

I'll Be Teaching You How To...

Vet Out 

Learn how to "Vet Out" suppliers and continue to find new companies to work with. 

Purchase Replensishable Products

Analyze available products for profitability. Restock those products on a regular basis.

Ship Directly to

NO WAREHOUSE NEEDED. Ship your products directly to an Amazon FBA Warehouse or a prep center.

The History Of Wholesale...

Let's start off with what the wholesale business model is.​
The wholesale model works. It always has and it always will.
The reason wholesale is so lucrative is because nothing major has changed in the past 100+ years in the way product reaches the consumer.
Manufacturers produce a product and sell them to a distributor or supplier. From there, brick and mortar retail stores and now online sellers purchase from these suppliers directly to then sell the product to the consumer.

Name brand manufactures continue to make new, innovative products that consumers are already familiar with.
Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogs, Mars, etc..
Where we come in as Amazon Sellers is to bridge the gap between the supplier and the end consumer. "Buy Low, Sell High".
I'm going to teach you step-by-step how to start, run, and grow your Amazon wholesale business all while maintaining very healthy profit margins.

   Top 5 Reasons Why Wholesale On Amazon Just "Makes Sense"

  • SELLING NAME BRANDS everyone already knows and loves.
  • NO ADVERTISING. These products are already established on Amazon.
  • NO LISTING CREATION. These product listings have likely been on Amazon for years.
  • REPLENISHABLE PRODUCTS. Re-purchase the same items every month from suppliers.
  • NO WAREHOUSE NEEDED. Ship product directly to Amazon from your suppliers.

Book A One-on-One Mentorship Call

This is a dedicated mentorship call to help assist you in your Amazon Business.
This mentorship session is a 1 hour personalized ZOOM Call booked through Calendly. The content of the call is fully customizable to cater to your specific Amazon Wholesale Business.
A few examples / Ideas are provided below.

One Up FBA - A to Z


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